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Christopher James

I have been a Graphic Designer for 8 years in Northern California. Just recently in 2014 I began designing icon packs and wallpapers for android users who love to personalize their devices. I am a devoted husband and a father of three.
Photography is a passion of mine along with videography and music. Follow me on Instagram to see new photos and much more!


CJames Designer
HD Icon Packs

Thank you for supporting my icon packs! Caricon Icon Pack begins a shift from quantity to an even higher quality in my HD Icon Packs.

CJamesDesigner Icon Packs

Caricon HD Icon Pack

Initial release of this pack is choosing quality over quantity! Instead of the usual 4,200 icons, this pack is starting with just around 600 high quality icons and will be releasing incremental updates starting as most requested icons to ensure the majority of your home screen is covered!

Kayla HD Icon Pack

Kayla is an HD Icon Pack the is round but not your standard shape! Enjoy Kayla Icon Pack with gorgeous wallpapers and color palette. Updated monthly this icon pack has over 3 thousand themed icons for your obsessions. Kayla Icon Pack is a uniquely round icon pack that is sure to sharpen your home screen.

Jollafy HD Icon Pack

Jollafy HD Icon Pack is a light material design ui with over 4,000+ icons. Using a light material design and color palette this icon pack is google style and Android 7.1 ready.
CJD Wallpapers are cloud based.
Inspired by Jolla Sailfish.
Get Jollafy Icons on your screen by using a custom launcher.

Leagues HD Icon Pack

Leagues Icon Pack puts the Hex in the lime light! Enjoy Leagues Icon Pack with gorgeous wallpapers and color palette. Updated regularly this icon pack is chalk full thousands of themed icons for your pleasure. This icon pack is sure to liven up your home screen with even sides and modern color. Get in the League!


“Stunningly beautiful. By far the best Round Icon Pack on PlayStore. The icons look crisp & colors simply pop up on your screen. Insane amount of themed icons , my highest regards for the developer. Highly recommended , it's a must have icon pack in your precious collection."

“Love it!!! I posted a comment and a rating on one of the other icon sets you have. This developer had the nicest icons I've ever used on my phone. I liked them so much I bought them all. You will not be disappointed . so I come on play store today and he has this new set out. Can you say psyched out. This guy is amazing. Keep up the good work. As I said in last post please make more and you did. Thank you.”

“Awesome Dev. All my request for Jollafy & Rectify has been updated.. Great thx, Really appreciated it much Dev. The first icon pack that covered all my apps...”